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Product Overview Technology & Features

Not just another Roto-Molded Cooler, the Nomad is designed to add life to your party and get you in the game!  With a 72 can capacity and 3 & 1/2 inch sidewall insulation, your tailgate provisions will stay ice cold for up to 7 days.  Throw in an integrated 20Watt AM/FM Bluetooth marine grade waterproof speaker, AM/FM Digital Radio, LED lighting system, two built-in USB phone chargers, and a marine grade seat cushion to totally raise the bar of what a real tailgate cooler should be.  Add the optional protective alloy steel frame & off-road wheel kit, and this beast of a cooler will allow you to bring more to the party while carrying less.

Roto-Molded Construction

Virtually Indestructible design. Zero-Sweat Exterior and Freezer Grade lid gasket.

Integrated Electronics

Waterproof 20Watt Bluetooth Speaker. USB Phone Charger and Customizable LED lighting.

Protective Frame & Wheel-Kit

Optional Alloy-Aluminum Protective Cooler Frame and Off-road Wheel-Kit

Additional Features

Product Info. Dimensions & Tech Specs

Dimensions:33″ x 18.5″ x 18.5″ (LxWxH)

Weight: 35 lbs empty / 40 lbs including wheels and cushion

Insulation Sidewall Thickness: 3.5″ inches of insulation

How much does it hold?

75pounds of ice

7212-Ounce Cans

7Can hold ice for 7 days

70(quarts) inside capacity

Electronics Features

Integreated Audio System

AM/FM Digital Tuner – Never be without music or tunes in pre-game show
20Watt Bluetooth Speaker System – Weather Proof

2 Internal USB Chargers

Internal 10400mAh battery fully charges most smartphones 5-6 times on a single charge

LED Lighting System

 Outside – Color Tunable External LED Light Bar illuminates the footprint area of cooler
Inside – (2) Internal LED lights that full illuminate inside of cooler

Internal 10400mAh Battery Pack

18 – 20 hrs of audio system playback
5-6 full charges for most smartphones
8-9 hrs of LED lighting

Includes 12V A/C Charger  

Nomad Wheel Kit Roll Large and in Charge

Large Rotomolded coolers are heavy. The Nomad Alloy-Aluminum Protective Cooler Frame and Off-road Wheel Kit make it easy for anyone to move and transport this beast of a cooler.

The Nomad Cooler is designed to snap tightly into the Frame and Off-road Wheel Kit. Large hard rubber wheels enable the fully loaded cooler to glide over uneven and rough surfaces.

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